September 26, 2007

Although my physical body has returned from France, I’m pretty sure my brain cells are still floating somewhere in the the Mediterranean. While I think of something brilliant and prescient to post, take a gander at this cute thing.


Say your walking to the gare in St Raphael and left your book on the beach and need something to read on the train to Nice. Cruise by this big unattended table of used books, 1 euro each. And because it works on the honor system, there’s no one around to judge you when you pick up some trashy romance novel or Ramona la peste.

And I love the signage: BookS 1 euro Don’t forget the rules!……Thanks



We know!

September 8, 2007

SNMNMNMThese attractive gents not only form the rocking Chapel Hill band SNMNMNM, but they also have a deep love for librarians. And can you blame them? Check out their page for their very catchy song “Addy Will Know” — and if you are feeling participatory, you can try to guess the books described in the verses (or look up the call numbers that are helpfully sung in the song), and even enter a video contest. I think you will know the right thing to do.

[I know Addy, and I do not doubt that she will know too.]