Interior Decoration in the Archives

March 21, 2007

Archivist at desk

What do we have here? Why it is obviously the Director of Archives at the New York Museum of Natural History as envisioned in the comic Demonslayer (Vol. 2, Number 2). I guess when you get to be a director, you can put any picture you want behind your desk. Full review available here.


roundup: national archives, grumpy librarians, ILL fees and kids at conferences

March 21, 2007

Times op-ed urges the President to give NARA the funds to process its backlog and hire more reference archivists to serve users.

Chronicle of Higher Ed: Naive academic realizes that ILL costs money; Association for Jewish Studies makes a point to provide childcare for its national conference. (Whatever, we miss Lingua Franca)

Salon: Carol Lay, who does the cartoon WayLay, made fun of librarians two weeks ago in regards to “scrotum”. Angry responses led to a take back in this week’s strip. Now librarians “smell good”. Ooookaaay. (Again, we’re only reading Salon for Heather Havrilesky)