knockoff ethics and other perils

April 26, 2007


If you’re in the midst of trying to sell your colleagues on Creative Commons, or are up to your neck in reworking licensing agreements, take a break and browse Counterfeit Chic,  a blog by law professor Susan Scafdi.  Refocus your analysis of copyright and intellectual property to fake designer handbags and Forever 21’s DVF ripoffs. Scafdi, who wrote the excellent Who Owns Culture:Appropriation And Authenticity In American Law takes obvious delight in her subject matter, and presents fake Chanel as the relevant social issue it really is.


accessories vs. accessions?

April 4, 2007

A Myspace debate: Marc bags vs MARC records.

I’ve got to have these shoes!

March 12, 2007


A couple of months back, a former co-worker sent me a link to , a search engine that allows you to find items by likeness. What an ingenius idea, one that I think we’ve all wished for at one time or another, but didn’t imagine could ever exist. When you see a woman wearing the perfect black peep-toe stilettos, you can’t ask her where she got them (she’d probably lie anyway). allows you to search for “peep toe stilettos” and will return thousands of hits, pictures plus pricing information, from tons of vendors. The site seems to plan on building its fan-base with fashionistas, but the idea obviously has a much wider application. So next time you see a picture of Ciara at Quincy Jones’ pre-Grammy party and wonder where you can find a (cheaper) version of her ridiculously hot chunky YSL platforms, go to the site and search by that description. You can also browse through celebrity profiles, pre-selected by the site, where you can find out where to purchase a handbag similiar to the one Alicia Keys wore to the Black Ball or the precious heart-drop earrings Drew Barrymore wore to the Golden Globes. The site returns items from both low and high-end vendors and you can sort by shop, by color, price, etc. You can also register an account and save items you plan on purchasing or would like to add to your wish list.