Archiving the Supernatural

The Changeling (1980)

Not every horror movie has the guts to dip into the world of archival research. We have a major exception to that rule with Peter Medak’s 1980 film The Changeling, starring the always fun-to-watch George C. Scott, where the hero and his lovely assistant (played by Scott’s real-life wife Trish Van Devere) delve into microfilm, old atlases, and the “old files” at the local historical society. No one ever really says the “A” word in the film, but we know what they are up to.

And it’s not a bad movie either – you have to make a few leaps of faith, but the pacing is good, the mystery is fun, and it gets pretty creepy by the end.


One Response to Archiving the Supernatural

  1. jacky says:

    HI.. i have been searching the video stores for years trying to find this film… i remember watching it and loving it. do you know where i would be able to get a copy??? also another top movie i cant track down is watcher in the woods starring bette davis…

    thankyou jacky

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