booktruck spring inspiration board!


It’s spring, school’s out, and it’s time to reconsider the work wardrobe. We are indebted to Cathy Horyn, who this week unpacked how difficult it is to talk sensibly about how difficult it is to find appropriate clothes. She was talking about ladies of a certain age who can afford Prada.  But we are talking about librarians, and the quest to find a professional wardrobe. In short: retire your khakis and Danskos! Correspondents KBD and Mimi scoured the street fashions of The Sartorialist and have some suggestions.

Navy, White and Red

M: I think this lady gets what so many people can’t comprehend-that not everything has to be perfect in order to look put-together. Her hair is greasy and her pedicure is chipped, but it really doesn’t matter. She is also other-worldly gorgeous, but I think a mere mortal could do this look as well.

K: What’s really perfect and easy for all non-color blind mortals is the spring trifecta of navy, white and red. Especially like the sexy peep toed platforms. Grease and flaked polish aside, I still have the urge to mess her pristine white skirt up a little bit more. Too doll-like, even down to the blank expression.

Bright Print Dress and Big Dog

M: This is how you dress for spring: flats, printed dress, new warm-weather bob. The Great Dane is, well, a pretty impressive accessory.

K: I heart the printed dress with jaunty attached scarf tie! Great bright colors, why be shy in spring? Black bob works for her…but how many more edgy short bangs do we need? I yearn for big fluffy high hair.

Wrap dress

M: Look, two things people think are too adventurous for work apparel: colored tights and a wrap dress, and she looks subtle, professional, and amazing. I think she’s actually wearing a dickie under the dress, which is ingenious.

K: You could also summer-ify that dress by going sans dickie and tights. Plus that soft gray looks beautiful with a tan.

Germanic Kate Hepburn

M: This Katherine Hepburn look is perfect, obvious, etc. But most importantly, it gives me hope that  “work pants” can be sophisticated and alluring, instead of banal and unflattering.

K: Here here! Please can the era of the black stretch blend boot-cut work trouser end soon? And along with those stretch bootcuts, can the “feminine” stretch blend collared button up work shirt also dissapear? They always look like a cartoonish replica of the far superior traditional men’s dress shirt.

This woman is graceful and imposing. Anyone who can pull off about a yard of extra fabric pooled around their hips with confidence and aplomb has my blessing. Classic color combination again, helps offset the possibility of an “extreme look” with the maxi trousers. Oh, and speaking of, where are the gutsy Katherine Hepburns of our generation? I’m named after her, by the way.


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