ARLIS Dispatch–Day 1

The pre-conference excitement officially began when I saw the movie Beauty Shop a couple of weeks ago. The movie stars Queen Latifah and many other big names. Not only was I inspired to adopt a revised moral code based on kindness and loyalty, but the film also got me really excited about going to Atlanta.

The goal for day one was Settle In. This involved going to a session, Art Libraries: New and Improved, which showcased various art library renovations and building projects. Laura Schwatz, Head Librarian from UT Austin’s Fine Arts Library spoke about the organizing and implementation of the recent renovations there. Evidently they’ve revamped the main reading area of the library and it looks pretty great. I haven’t seen the space post-renovation, but it looked like they got rid of the orange tubular metal chairs that I found so charming as a student at UT. Maybe someone can comment about this…


Also presenting was Carol Terry, Director of Library Services at RISD. They’ve got a super-designed multi-purpose space in an old bank building, which not only houses the library but serves as student housing as well. The library seems to have a lot of the quirks you’d expect from a fancy design school (stadium seating in the reading room, a giant light box above the slide cabinets, etc.) without seeming too over-conceptualized ala Seattle Public.

After the session, my roommate and I headed to the exhibitions hall to grab the obligatory Worldwide Books tote. This year they’ve moved away from the traditional canvas to a neon green vinyl-ish number. Very controversial.

The Settle In heavily involved familiarizing myself with the various hotel amenities at the Sheraton Colony Square Midtown Atlanta. There is a pool on the fifth floor, but the sun in Atlanta moves fast, and if one goes any time after 2pm one quickly finds oneself in the shade of the actual hotel building. A serious design flaw. My roommate pointed out that are five pillows on each bed, four standard and one accent. ARLIS fed us lunch, clearly catered by the Sheraton, and my roommate raved that the cookie was the best she had ever had.


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