Psiphon and Internet Censorship

Last week’s Chronicle* had a piece about Psiphon, an open-source tool that allows those in internet censored countries to securely connect to remote servers sans filters elsewhere, thus granting unfettered internet access! The article explores its academic use in heavily web censored countries like Iran, as well as profiles the University of Toronto Citizen Lab and its director, Ronald Deibert.

Deibert has a blog, which gives good background on the history of Psiphon, and which linked to this informative map of internet censored countries, via the Financial Times.

* Even though you literally can’t walk through an administrative office on any US campus , no matter how piddly, without tripping over three back issues of the Chronicle, you still have to check your library’s current journals and Lexis, because unless you yourself have a subscription, the joint is password locked down. How dumb!


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