Is her body too bootylicious for ya?


Thousands of libraries across the country are currently not circulating the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated with Beyoncè on the cover. Not because they are trying to shield their patrons from her hideous lace-front and “House of Damnitswrong” bikini, but because SI (published by Time Warner, Inc) refused to send the issue to many of its subscribers, primarly schools and public libraries. Their reasoning? They had received many complaints in the past from parents and teachers about the issue and decided to self-censor.  They have since realized this huge gaffe and are sending the issue to anyone who wants it. My question is, why after “years of complaints” did they decide to censor this particular issue?  And who at Time could’ve possibly thought this was a good idea?  The last thing we need are publishers determining what is too “controversial” for our delicate patrons.


4 Responses to Is her body too bootylicious for ya?

  1. Mimi says:

    To sound totes nerdy, there’s also been a resulting serials call number snafu as a result- does anyone have a link?

  2. Leets says:

    I didn’t find any info about a serials SNAFU, but apparently the whole thing is more sinister than I originally thought. According to, Time originally told librarians who called to complain that “someone” at their institution had requested the issue not be sent, even though it is their own (new) internal policy. Should also be some coverage in tomorrow’s NY Times.

  3. Mimi says:

    Well, the short of it is that delay in check-in has forced renumbering of the issue. And, according to my library, we didn’t get last year’s Swimsuit Issue either.

    In their defense, House of Doitwrong has some kinda cute bikinis, and some hot one-pieces. It’s the rest of the line that’s mortifying.

  4. Censur Net says:

    […] leets    Posted in Censur Net News     […]

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