Time Capsules: FYI!!!


There’s an interesting discussion on the Archives listserv on Time Capsule etiquette. Of course it’s corny, and rusty old aluminum boxes (buried in dirt, no less!) are a preservationist’s worst nightmare- and the discussion has frequent mentions of “black sludge”.  But for so many kids, time capsules are an early introduction to material culture, as in “the way the things I look at every day look will tell someone something about my life”.

Among the tips:

  • Open the thing beforehand/ work with your institution
  • Be prepared for health risks associated with mold and dirt
  • Do preservation/conservation measures right away.

One Response to Time Capsules: FYI!!!

  1. Leets says:

    This totes reminds me of that episode of Saved by the Bell where the class of 2003 finds a VHS tape put together by the class of ’93, which is Zack and the gang!

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